Lion Illuminati Bracelet: Light Vs. Dark Edition

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A lion is king of all creatures except one: the human. In Illuminati lore, the lion is honored as a symbol of power and leadership – a dangerous foe whose elegance and grace distracts from its power and strength. Governments and civilizations of humanity have fallen but the lion's kingdom continues to stand boldly in the face of all obstacles. By wearing this symbol, you will find a constant reminder of your goals and guidance to the greatness that you seek.

Material: Stone
Length: 18cm
Clasp Type: Lace-up
Metals Type: Silver Plated
Gender: Unisex
Chain Type: nature stone beads strand chain
Bracelet Type: nature stone bracelet
Beads size: 8mm
Wrap Length: 18~19cm
Stone Style: lava, howlite

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